Paco EP

by Spineapples

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Recorded at Basement Studios from April to August 2013.

Produced by Bob Osowski.


released August 17, 2013

Brian McParland - lead vocals, bass
Joe Williams - guitar, scream on track 4
Greg Mattessich - guitar, backing vocals
Jeremy Lipoff - drums



all rights reserved


Spineapples Monroe Township, New Jersey

A band that does stuff sometimes.

Brian - vocals, bass
Jo3 - guitar
Greg - guitar
Jeremy - drums

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Track Name: Child Labor USA
I don't know
What you said
But we talked about it
We talked about it
Somewhere, somehow
I found out

You said
What I meant
But in the wrong way
When you heard me say
Was there ever any doubt

I'm so sick of this shit
Can't go on without it
Though the fight's over, I'm still sore
Until you come back for more

Let me know
How you feel
That I sang about it
I sang about it
Hope you find out
Much too late

Step back
On my attack
You won't expect it
But that won't affect it
Do what you want
I won't wait




It's not over, I feel great
Hope it wasn't worth the wait
You'll come over, I'll say hi
But we've never said goodbye
Track Name: Liu Kang Klan
I can't move and I can't say that
You changed the way I can think about you
Nothing to do
Got to do it, nothing to it
Let's say the phrases that we've left behind
Open your mind

What's the point in all this violence
Where is the love that I came to you for
Going to war
Who's to say I'm not almighty
God in disguise who's a slug on a bus
Then I must
Cause I've been

Looking, looking
For something I can't find
Looking, looking
For the right time for the right time to go

I return with hands left open
And you just stare at my begging disgrace
Find your own place
Can't stop talking, can't stop talking
Leave me alone to love you away
Call everyday

Cleaning up our little playroom
Why did we bother with dumb pleasantries
Begging you please
Pin the button through your skin and
Wearing the badge of unflatt'ring release
All time to cease my



Track Name: Tutu
When you wear my pink tutu
I don't know what you want me to do
Track Name: Party
When did I decide to be a social butterfly?
No, thank you, I'm driving, I'll get by
Where's the guy that left for snacks
That shirtless guy's a maniac
If I see one more couple, I might cry

People everywhere
Someone moved my chair
Where the hell's my phone?
I want to go home

It's so goddamn cold outside, can someone shut the door?
I remember what I came here for
Where's the girl I want to kiss
I can't believe I shaved for this
Why bother? You know that she's a whore



Track Name: Yo Goober (Where's the Meat)?
I think it's about the time for you to
Take the longest walk off the shortest cliff, you see
There's your problem
You just forgot me

You're not useless, you're just bad
I seem like the likely lad
To sick another's teeth into your neck
After all that you never ever ever did to me

I can't escape
There's no escape

Did I make you into that
Probably not
I wasn't as significant to you
As I thought, it's another life
Another chance for a better wife

Let me sing the song, you regret you bought
Time to drag and drop, press 7, and you throw it all away
All that I cared for