The Bullshit Sessions

by Spineapples

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Just some guys dicking around on GarageBand.


released August 1, 2012

Recorded August 2012 - January 2013 in Jeremy's garage.



all rights reserved


Spineapples Monroe Township, New Jersey

A band that does stuff sometimes.

Brian - vocals, bass
Jo3 - guitar
Greg - guitar
Jeremy - drums

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Track Name: Jo3 and Greg's Rap Battle
Verse 1: JO3
uh uh, uh uh uh uh
Nose is getting fucked up, yeah he is
Listen y'all, J-O-3 up in this hizzy
Gonna fuck up N-O-S-E
Picking, pluckin, fuckin up your brain
I'm the conductor of the psychedelic train
Under my feet you should obey me
Because if you don't the punishment will be easy
Nigga listen to me when I say
Nothing you do will make my day
This nigga thinks he is the dark knight
This nigga ain't shit, he will lose this fight
Blonde hair, and big glasses too
He can't rhyme shit cos he a damn fool
I'm sitting on this piano
Shut the fuck up bitch, get rid of your smile
I'm finished, let's hear your last words
Before I tear it up with thewordsthatreallyhurt UHH

Verse 2: GREG
Alright this is gonna suck this will suck is it recording?
Yo my--aw come on...shit
Yo it's MCG my real name is Greg
And I got more swag than farm fresh eggs
Yeah my name starts with G, slammin fresh beats
Let me fill your mouth with my genital meat
And now I'm gonna cum all over your face
And make your name completely erased
Because I've got more shit than in your toilet
I'll take your ballsack, and then I'll smoke it
Yeah I get more ass than a fuckin donkey stable
You can talk, but you're not able
To find a rhyme that doesn't suck
And waste time yo
Yeah you just got fucked up
Track Name: Robby Glade Has No Friends
Robby Glade has no friends
Robby Glade has no friends
Robby Glade has no friends
Robby Glade has no friends
Robby Glade has no friends
Robby Glade has no friends
Robby Glade has no friends
Robby Glade has no friends
Robby Glade has no friends
Robby Glade has no friends
Track Name: (It'll) Kill You
Looks like you messed up again
Too bad, you ain't gonna fix it now
It's all because of your one-track mind
Say goodbye to the blind optimism you had

You're empty inside without her
You won't stop asking to be sure
That there's no other way
For you to stop and say to her

I'll come to you
Someday soon
And you'll find
Someone new
You know just what you did
She learned to move on, why don't you
Learn from your mistakes
Cause they'll kill you someday soon

In the end though, what does it matter?
It's all just a blip in time, no more
I always worry about you
Please talk, I need to know what's in your head

Just trust me, I can help you
You're a difficult one to get into
It's time for me to go now
But I really need you to know now



Track Name: Child Labor USA
I don't know
What you said
But we talked about it
We talked about it
Somewhere, somehow
I found out

You said
What I meant
But in the wrong way
When you heard me say
Was there ever any doubt

I'm so sick of this shit
Can't go on without it
Though the fight's over, I'm still sore
Until you come back for more

Let me know
How you feel
That I sang about it
I sang about it
Hope you find out
Much too late

Step back
On my attack
You won't expect it
But that won't affect it
Do what you want
I won't wait




It's not over, I feel great
Hope it wasn't worth the wait
You'll come over, I'll say hi
But we've never said goodbye
Track Name: Tutu
When you wear my pink tutu
I don't know what you want me to do